Customized Vacuum Gauges and Instruments

The mass flow meter (MFC) consists of three basic devices: flow sensor, flow-splitter bypass and printed circuit board, it accurately measures mass flow rates despites gas volume fluctuated due to temperature changes. The MFC is widely applied in the fields of semiconductor and IC fabrication, special materials science, chemical industry, petrolic industry, pharmaceutical industry, environmental protecting, vacuum system researching, etc.

Typical Application
The typical applications of MFC include microelectronic process equipment such as diffusion, oxidation, epitaxy, CVD, plasma, etching, sputtering, ion implantation and other field such as vacuum deposition equipment, optical fiber melting, micro-reaction equipment, mixing & matching gas system, capillary flow control system, gas chromatograph and other analytical instruments.

D07-7KM MFC has the advantages of high precision, long service life, excellent repeatability, quick response, soft-start, good reliability, wide operation pressure range(good operation in high pressure or vacuum situation), easy and convenient operation, etc. It can be installed wherever needed and connected with the computer to realize automatic control.

Ranges of Flow(20,30,50,100,200,300,500) SCCM
(0~1,2,3,5,10) SLM
Response-Time≤4 sec
Temperature CoefficientZero: ≤±0.1%F.S./℃;Span: ≤±0.2%F.S./℃
Max Pressure3MPa
Operation Temperature5℃~45℃
Sealing MaterialViton, Neoprene
Setting/Output Signal0V~+5.00V
(Input Impedance >100K,Output Current≤3ma)
Power Supply+15V 50mA
-15V 50mA
Electrical ConnectionD sub 15 pins Female
Differential Pressure<0.01 MPa
Leak Rate1×10-8atm•cc / sec He(1×10-9 Pa•m3 / sec He)
Standard JointSwagelokΦ8, SwagelokΦ6, SwagelokΦ3, Swagelok1/8”,φ4(Inner)×1 Hose Coupler, VCR1/4”, Swagelok1/4”, φ6(Inner)×1 Hose Coupler
MediaAll Gas
Installation DimensionCustomized Vacuum Gauges and Instruments