Rigid LED Strip Lights

We are fully committed to producing technologically advanced SMD 2835 Rigid LED Strip Lights.
SMD 2835 Rigid LED Strip Lights feature:
1. Each of the three leds can form a circuit, which can be arbitrarily truncated along the tangent line, without damaging the other parts.
2. Made from FPC board, with double-sided adhesive on the back, it can be bent freely and fixed to the concave surface.
3. The size and the number of LED can be produced according to the requirement. The size is small and there are many colors to choose from.
4, use SMDLED for formal chip production, high brightness, low light failure, same color, long life, can according to customers design lamp is apart from the.
5. Used for routing and contour marks, luminous signs, transparent or non-transparent materials, etc. :
The width of the non-waterproof soft strip is 8mm and the width of waterproof is 10MM.
7. Working voltage: dc voltage 12v.
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SMD 2835 Rigid LED Strip Lights Process category:
1. All the casing drops (all waterproof, outdoor complex environment can be used), waterproof grade IP68
2. Water proof waterproof (semi-waterproof or rainproof, bare board drop silica gel), waterproof grade IP65
3. Bare board is not waterproof (indoor)
SMD 2835 Rigid LED Strip Lights Parameter:
LED QuantityWorking VoltageWorking CurrentPower
consumptionStrip WidthMinimum
cutting LengthPacking
SMD 2835 Rigid LED Strip Lights Application:
1. Urban silhouette (buildings, advertising walls, signs, Christmas landscape decorations...)
2. Decoration of irregular design (hotel/nightclub/KTV and other polygon walls, water drops and ceiling grooves...)
3. Dark groove edge (door frame, bar, bar, wardrobe, TV cabinet...)
4. Car beauty (body, bottom...)
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